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Praying for a Sign

Doris Gage nervously drove across the state of Texas to join her son and daughter-in-law in a series of tours of retirement communities. Though her beloved husband of 32 years, Harold, had passed away many years prior, the discussion between Gage and her children had been mounting. She finally agreed to a visit to East Texas to explore the possibilities.

Gage knew she would be facing a big decision. The experience had the potential to be emotionally overwhelming, so as she drove, she prayed, “Dear Lord, give me some sort of sign.”

Gage attended a large group event at PineCrest in 2007 with her family in tow. She recalls the moment that the tour guide motioned to the Chapel as the group walked past, “I saw the organ sitting there and I told my son, go over and see if it has your Daddy’s chimes.” Delighted, he reported back that the custom chimes, invented by his father    decades prior were installed on the instrument. Mr. Gage was a career organist and even owned a business dedicated to dealing with organs.

Gage says that she felt instant peace that PineCrest was her next home when she examined the organ that held a piece of her husband in a way. She was confident that God had provided the sign she was looking for.

Harold and Doris Gage


Gage recently sat at the PineCrest organ and played her favorite hymns.
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