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American classics, bold flavors, healthy eating.

Our philosophy is simple: “Eating in” should taste as good or better than “going out.”

Simple, nutritious, outstanding.

It’s late morning, and the Atrium is abuzz with friendly connections and other social events. The aromas of coffee, hot cinnamon, maple, bacon and toast assail the unwary, and few folks emerge empty. Soon, when the early-risers start to come for lunch, all-new sensations will tempt passers-by. Fresh-baked bread, Cajun shrimp, Angus burgers and hot cobbler – a few selections from the great variety on the Atrium Lunch Menu – underscore our chef’s approach: make it simple and nutritious, make it healthy for seniors, and make it outstanding.


Hankerings handled.

saladThe Bistro is a naturally comfortable place to meet and visit while you grab something yummy. As a result, it’s usually a hub of activity. The Atrium itself is more like a restaurant, compared to the more casual Bistro. Our chef meets with residents regularly to devise new menus, which is ideal because residents get what they want, their nutritional needs are met and, unless they want to, they don’t have to cook. So, what might you have a hankering for?

And please, when you come visit, be sure to stay and eat!

In the meantime, nibble on this.