Wellness PineCrest

Not long ago, 55 was “over the hill.” We’ve moved that hill.

Senior wellness has changed our expectations of the good life that comes with retirement living. Living well now means healthy aging, with ways to nurture mind and body, plus rewarding friendships and exciting adventures to generate new and wonderful memories. That’s the life at PineCrest, where every active adult – and even those not as active – can find fulfillment.

A full calendar can help with fulfillment.

Our activities calendar includes ever-changing programs of empowerment and personal growth. And beyond your own personal projects, there are ways to enrich your life among our numerous opportunities for learning, playing and working with new friends:

  • Bible studies
  • Chapel services
  • Excursions for shopping, appointments and entertainment
  • Lectures
  • Library groups (shhh!)
  • Jewelry classes
  • Painting classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Gold Zumba
  • Yoga


 Independent Living Calendar


Wellness is a rebalancing act. As is life.

The key to wellness for seniors is staying mentally, spiritually and physically active – we know that. So do you, in fact, because a successful life such as yours has meant balancing family life, career, social life and spirituality. Retirement is one of life’s major rebalances, and putting wellness first doesn’t always come naturally. PineCrest offers classes to help you get back to center, and restore body and mind. You can expect you’ll improve your muscular strength, range of movement, and your dexterity with all your ADLs (activities of daily living).

Gold Zumba combines dance with fitness.

So, you think you know Latin dance? Who would think of using dance moves based on Latin styles (such as flamenco, rumba, mambo and calypso), plus principles of resistance training and fitness interval training to help seniors get and stay in shape? Well, Gold Zumba works! Fun, easy and inclusive, Gold Zumba is so popular and invigorating a wellness program for seniors that it’s the national dance of PineCrest. Vámonos!

We’re happy to help you plan a visit to PineCrest to include a bit of Zumba, if you like, plus a meal or perhaps an overnight stay.