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Stitching Friends

Pictured: Mary Ann Mewborn, Lyndel Gibson, Roberta Mansur, Karla Kendrick and staff members of Woodlands Heights and the NICU.  Not pictured:  Caroline Kegler and Eloise Richardson.  

When you visit PineCrest in Lufkin, you might find a talkative circle full of women crocheting, called Stitching Friends, sitting right outside the dining room. What might resemble a party from the outside, is actually a factory of purpose.  

An opportunity arose recently for the group to partner with Woodland Heights Hospital to provide a hat and blanket for the babies born there.

Karla Kendrick, PineCrest’s Life Enrichment Directo said, “These women absolutely blow me away! They are so generous and passionate about finding ways to serve and give back to others. Each of the blankets and hats are beautiful handiwork. But the most incredible thing is, these women work so hard to make these and will never really see the end result. These babies and elders will likely never cross paths and yet, they will have touched each other's lives. That’s the hope anyway, that each family who receives this gift feels the warmth and love that went into making it.”  


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