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The Beauty of PineCrest

                                                                             The Beauty of PineCrest

The hearts, minds and souls of MRC PineCrest residents and staff display much of the beauty of PineCrest, but we all are blessed by the beauty of the PineCrest campus. It is unique in all of MRC by its beauty outside of our homes, some of which we hope to share with you in this blog.

Beauty from a Resident

Jack Lively, a former PineCrest resident and lover of nature, talked to us often about the Texas Star Hibiscus. One day he offered to give us some seeds which we planted in a patio pot. The first year we had a healthy plant, but it looked like marijuana. When the second year came, we had a beautiful flower nearly the size of a dinner plate and about six feet tall. Wow what a special blessing since Jack had already passed away.

Beauty on Rainy Days

We were enjoying some social time over breakfast in the Bistro with some PineCrest friends and bemoaning the rainy weather we had been having, when we noticed an array of beautiful flora emerging. They almost seemed to be saying, “You can find beauty even on rainy days at PineCrest.”

 Beauty in Solemnity

In the early morning hours, often while it is still dark, a walk down “Meditation Lane” provides a good time for solemnity. Our prayers and meditations are undisturbed by the cares of the world and offer us the beauty of solemnity.

Beauty from the Birds

Many residents experience varieties of birds throughout the year. Some are here all year, while some are migrating. The colors and activities of these sweet feathered friends provide us with many hours of enjoyment. From our back patio, we see the nesting of Bluebirds several times each year providing us their beauty, a special gift of God’s creation.

Beauty in Freedom

Looking from our home we can see our United States flag which is proudly displayed on PineCrest grounds. In springtime, it is surrounded by the beauty of blossoming trees, and in the fall by the beauty of fall colors. But the beauty of freedom we are privileged to enjoy in our country and here at PineCrest, is a very special beauty.


Much more beauty can be found on the MRC PineCrest campus, but the beauty from caring hearts of residents and staff for one another is a beauty we all enjoy.


Dennis and Joan Rankin                              

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