It’s not downsizing, it is rightsizing!

It’s not downsizing, it is rightsizing!

It seems we spend a LOT of time working toward a home big enough to raise our family, accumulating all the things that appeal to us.  But, there comes a time when all the “stuff” we have collected over the years begins to get in the way of living. As the kids leave home and less space is needed, sometimes we forget that we don’t have to keep all that stuff!

While the idea of rightsizing and leaving a home one has lived in for many years can cause worry and dread, the truth is most who do make the decision to right size come to the conclusion they should have done so sooner.

One way retirees can right size is by considering a senior living community.  By considering a community, you are not just rightsizing physically, but mentally as well.  What are the benefits?

  1. Houses and apartments designed with seniors in mind. The cost of home modifications to a home bought when younger in life can add up quickly.  These modifications become essential for someone who chooses to age in place.  But, the homes and apartments in 55+ communities were built with the needs and concerns of this population in mind.  There is no need to worry about modifications to a home with your future needs already in mind!
  2. A maintenance free life-style. In a senior living community someone else will take care of the landscaping (think August), housekeeping, home repairs, maintenance will replace that water heater for you, the list goes on and on. Think about having all the joy of home ownership without the work!
  3. Research shows being social and staying social later in life has many physical and mental health benefits.  Benefits include improved brain health, living longer, decreased feelings of depression and possibly stronger immune systems.  When a person comes to a senior living community there is no shortage of ways to socialize such as weekly ice cream socials, fitness classes, outings to the theater – there are multiple ways to stay active and engaged.
  4. Less financial worry. Owning a home can be expensive.  Home ownership includes property taxes, homeowners insurance, major repairs, and more.  Most independent living communities, including PineCrest, take care of these expenses, giving you peace of mind about your finances.
  5. Knowing that help is just a call or press of a button away can give a real sense of security.  Living in a senior living community means that there are not only the staff watching out for your wellbeing, but friends also.  There is peace of mind in the “lock and leave lifestyle,” knowing you can travel without having to worry about getting someone to check your home or hire a house sitter.   There is a sense of security in knowing where you will age if you live in a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) like PineCrest.
  6. Improved family relationships. This means your family is able to simply spend time with you, rather than tackling a to-do list. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more time to spend with your family doing the things you all love?
  7. More Free Time! When you look at all the benefits of a Senior Living Community, the biggest thing that stands out is that it offers you more time to do the things you truly want to do.  You can spend your time with friends, reading a book, or going to a movie instead of worrying about getting the roof fixed or replacing the dishwasher.

Some other benefits include making new friends, finding new hobbies, overcoming boredom, the list goes on and on.

Rightsizing is more than just moving to a new location, it is the freedom of less worry that comes with the move.

If one of the main things holding you back from downsizing or rightsizing is the amount of things you own, consider some of these tips for letting go.

  1. Recognize that you cannot keep it all. Start with making a list of the items you feel like you cannot live without.  Then, look at the list again and make it shorter.
  2. Determine high-priority items that you know you want to keep. Think about what you would want/need to replace if something were to happen and it was all gone. Of course, save the things that have emotional importance.  Think about what you would want to grab if you only had 10 minutes in a room before impending disaster took it all away.
  3. Go ahead and hand down heirlooms to children, grandchildren, special friends. This gives you the chance to not only clean out, but gives you the opportunity to see your loved one enjoying something you have enjoyed as well!
  4. Sell, donate, or discard? Once you have decided on what you want to keep and what is no longer needed, it is time to decide what to do with the items you no longer need or want.  There are several ways to sell your items whether through garage sell, resale shops or online.  If you are in the Lufkin area, there are several places that will be happy to take your previously loved items such as The Family Crisis Center, The Salvation Army, Goodwill and more.  A quick Google search for Thrift Shops or Resale Shops yields a number of options.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started down the road to rightsizing.

This website has a great checklist for moving a senior adult,  Some of it applies to those moving to a new city, but most of it can apply to all movers.

Downsizing, or as we prefer to say Rightsizing, to a senior living community is an opportunity to explore new possibilities.  A community makes it possible to be free to enjoy the things you love to do with less worry.  A retirement community is a place to come to LIVE!

If you are interested in the options available at PineCrest, call Vallie Cross at 936-633-1108.  Come LIVE at PineCrest.