"Why Do I Live at PineCrest?" by resident Bill Moreau

One of our residents, Mr. Bill Moreau, was recently asked to write a little something for a newsletter that was sent out to all the residents at PineCrest. It was so good, we wanted to share.

Why do I live at PineCrest?

I am sure there are probably as many reasons to be here as there are residents.

For me, firstly, there are the many interesting and fun people I get to associate with at a meal, or card table, or around the pool table, yes…even in Chapel and at the many other “get-togethers.”

A very close second is the friendly, smiling staff that serves my meals, keeps my apartment tidy, and keeps the whole place clean and beautiful.

Which brings me to the other permanent reason I live here, it is just a darn beautiful community. My friends, family, and acquaintances are always impressed with the beauty of the building, and I regularly walk around and think…this is about as pretty a place as I have ever lived.

But the real truth is, I live at PineCrest so I can thrive until the end. I will live here and be taken care of until I leave this earth for a much better and more beautiful eternal home. I am free to live and die as I please while being carefully taken care of without imposing on family and friends. In today’s slang, “PineCrest has my back.” What is a blessing to me, turns out to be a real blessing to my children and family. Giving other’s lives a blessing is why I live at PineCrest.

Mr. Moreau and his wife have been residents of MRC PineCrest in an Independent Living apartment for almost 5 years. He is also currently the President of the Residents Association.

Are you ready to see what Mr. Moreau is talking about? Give us a call today at 936-633-1108 to set up your tour and get more information on how you can come live with us.